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NEW VIDEO: Ty Bello Features Sinach in her Spontaneous Worship series... #sinach #tybello

Sinach is the next feature on Ty Bello’s youtube series titled Spontaneous Worship series. This series is coupled with a dramatic act that speaks more... 

Ty posted this on her page:  
Looking back at this session and seeing how God Put so much grace on it .How He chose to give us songs about PEACE on THIS day .. it’s almost funny .. my heart felt nothing like PEACE by the time I stood in front of the mic ..You see , George was stuck in Ghana a couple of hours before we started singing .. his flight was delayed … ( What if he didn’t make it ..) the same Sinach was on her way but just couldn’t find us and google maps was just not connecting .. the net work was bad ..etc etc..By the time the dots finally connected my entire gut was a tangled mess .. I didn’t feel like I was in the ‘zone .. ‘ I was so far from it.. I had let anxiety and worry rule my mind for a couple of hours .. how was I to worship in the ‘state’ that I was in .

But all We had to do was open our mouths .. PEACE BE STILL … and everything changed ., we speak PEACE and the very force of heaven rearranges life. His reality becomes ours when we Speak PEACE.. even when we feel the exact opposite. It was a joy to worship with Sinach. she spoke some really powerful words in this session that have reawakened me to a beautiful reality .. that He never leaves us .. in the midst of any kind of chaos .. I see it now in a new way... He is always here .. breathe .. then dare to worship and watch His PEACE transform EVERYTHING

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