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DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Izzy – Follow (ft. Nosa & Esaias) | @iam_izzybeatz

The song “FOLLOW” is an infusion of Afro and highlife blend to give its listeners an appealing feel of the great music, and most importantly retaining its message.

“FOLLOW” is produced by David Oke (AGS) and mixed by Izzy.

IZZY releases another amazing piece titled “FOLLOW”. This song also houses his friends, the evergreen and amazing music minister, NOSA (from Nigeria) and the talented Ghanaian urban Gospel rapper, ESAIAS.

In IZZY’s words, “This song emphasizes the need to consistently surrender to the Lordship of Jesus every day. A reference for this song can be found in “John 8:12- Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”

The US-based Nigerian Gospel minister is very passionate about Jesus as he sees Him to be the foundation of every believer’s life. It is his prayer that anyone that hears this song will always see the need to turn to Jesus for every and anything.

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Lyrics to “FOLLOW”

Chorus (..Izzy)

Baba na you I go serve o
And for the rest of my life o
Papa I give you my heart o
Na only You I go follow oo

I go follow hmmm I go follow
Na only You I go follow… hmmm I go follow oo

Verse 1 (Izzy)
I throway salute o
Daddy na you wey sure pass o
Bi na ba n jo bojo ba n ro (in the fire, or in the rain)
I’ll follow you forever more

I give myself away for Your use
And what I am today is by Your grace, Lord
Everything in me will glorify You
No reason to say I will not praise You

Confirm… I be the light eeh
And I dey shine.. shine so bright eeh
Ooh na because of You o oooh ahn ahn

Chorus (…Izzy)
Baba na you I go serve o
And for the rest of my life o
Papa I give you my heart o
Na only You I go follow oo

I go follow hmmm I go follow
Na only You I go follow hmm I go follow oo

Verse 2 (Nosa)
My Lord and my God o
The Alpha and Omega
Nobody fit take your place for my life…e wooo
You be my God titilai titialai ..ooooh

You be the air wey I dey breath
You be the song wey I dey sing
You be the life wey I dey live.

Confirm… I be the light eeh
And I dey shine, shine so bright eeh
N a because of You o oooh ahn

Na you I go serve ooo
For the rest of my life ooo


Verse 3 (Esaias) (Ghanian)
Meno meni any other choice (I do not have any other choice), 4geti options (for get options)
M’ase a meteyi Nyame Nti weyti b plan b? (This life I live is for God’s sake what is plan B?)
S3 3ny3 no voice mebu no noice (If it’s not His voice I deem it as noise)
Away deception Yesu mogya ntwi w’anim stamped. (Away deception, blood of Jesus stamped your face)
I gat ma mind made up papabi, God dey be
Medi n’akyi s3 best man ne bride’s maid, Wey dem dey follow ayefr) plus Da husbee .
(I’ve got my mind made up for real, God is good, I’m following his steps like the best man and bride’s maid that follow the bride and groom)
De3 na b3tete mene Kristo Dom? (what shall separate me from Christ’s love?)
Ns) hw3, amane3, 3mr3 a emu ay3 den? Nope! (temptations, problems, hard times? Nope!)
)nokwafo) nne de3 w’ahy3 mee b) o, (Faithful is He that’s promised me )
Nti meensuro ou (so am not afraid)
Nyame ba me w)krom. (God’s child am in town)
This kina Faith wasn’t built in a day -Rome

Mekita me gyidiem (am holding unto my faith)
M’ap3gya k) wiem s3 America statue of Liberty ne no torch of flame. (I’ve held it high in the sky like America’s statue of Liberty and its torch of flame)
I found the way medi me lane’m (I’ve found the way am in my lane)
O.J, who say Oluwa no dey?
Oh yeah all day Oye ade3 yie (the FIXER) is bae, hey!
Na you ago follow follow,
NNipa mfr3 me Kolokolo (let men call me insane)
De3 m’ani ahunu no (what my eyes have seen) dem no no o No no no no!
Esaias my God is big o menyame y3 obolo (my God is huge)

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